Here are ten useful Twitter / Website links of people and organizations that are passionately working towards environmental change through activism, science, education and clean ups.

1. TIFT Lauren Singer  @Trashis4Tossers

Lauren Singer is a young woman who decided to live a life with zero waste.

She has a great blog site that discusses all sorts of ideas about how to break the disposable addiction. From making cosmetics to the perfect lunchbox set up, Lauren has changed her lifestyle so that her total garbage for two years fills only one 500gm jam jar!

Check out her website blog at

2. the simply co The Simply Co. @TheSimplyCo

There are over 85,000 industrial chemicals out there and a majority of them are not even tested for safety and on top of that cleaning product manufacturers are not legally required to list their ingredients on their packaging. Lauren Singer (@Trashis4Tossers) went about researching products that were harmless to humanity and the environment. All 100% bio degradable.

Check out the store at

3. Algalita  Algalita   @Algalita  

A nonprofit organization committed to solving the plastic pollution crisis in our oceans. Algalita educates the public and conducts scientific research in the Pacific Gyre, also known as “the Great Pacific Garbage Patch”.

Website is

4. Charles Moore Captain Charles Moore @CapnMoore  

Oceanographer and Captain of the Research Vessel, Alguita. Founder of Algalita Marine Research Institute. Founder of Long Beach Organic. This is the man who discovered the huge amount of trash swirling in our oceans, known as the garbage patches, the 5 gyres are home to islands of plastic larger than Texas.

Buy his book at this Website :

5. 5 Gyres5 Gyres @5Gyres  

A fantastic organization pushing for changes in U.S. government legislation with the mission to ban micro-plastics in all products, such as cosmetics and toothpaste.

Terrific informative website:

6. Sea Shepherd Sea Shepherd @seashepherd

Perhaps the most influential world wide environmental social movement. Sea Shepherd is famous for bravely stopping Japanese whaling in the southern oceans. This organization is dedicated to preserving Earth’s marine ecology through ongoing global activism.

Awesome website:

7. Marine Conservation Australian Marine Conservation (AMCS) @AustMarConsSoc 

The key focus of this organization is to create large marine national parks (marine sanctuaries), make  fisheries sustainable and protect and recover our threatened ocean wildlife, such as our sharks, seals and whales. AMCS is 50 years old and has been behind many successful initiatives in that time.

Their colorful website is:

8.Cash For Containers Cash for Containers. @CashForContain  

The campaign for a 10c national container deposit scheme in all Australian States and Territories. This campaign has been successful in the state of South Australia for many years, reducing litter considerably.

The organizations ingenious website is :

9. 18--E1xhThe Ocean Clean Up @TheOceanCleanUp   

If the constant bad news of a world being choked on garbage is making you depressed, don’t panic there is hope. The Ocean Clean Up is developing technologies to extract, prevent and intercept plastic pollution. Check their twitter for the latest updates.

Or the projects upbeat positive website:

10.  Boyan Slat    Boyan Slat @BoyanSlat  

The founder of The Ocean Clean Up Project. At the age of twenty this aerospace engineer decided to drop out of school so he could tackle the problem of plastic overload in our oceans. His story is truly remarkable and totally inspiring.


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