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I thought I might discuss what keeps my sanity in light of the sociopathic greed and indifference that the majority of humans have for their life support system; planet Earth.

Our lives are unique, each one of us is different and we inhabit a vast amazing Universe. Even so, in light of the sheer overwhelming awe of existence, we as a race of conscious sentient beings, seem to be unable to fathom the sacred miracle of life.

  Every time I clean up endless sprawls of trash and rescue immense amounts of edible food from landfill, I realize that what I am doing is insignificantly small in comparison with the abuses that are happening globally.

Rescuing the contents of one dumpster on one night, is more than enough for a week of sustenance. If I rescued more food, I would have nowhere to put it and I have trouble giving it away as most people are skeptical that what I find is safe.

I am painfully aware of the hundreds of thousands of dumpster that I am helpless to rescue food from. The thousands and thousands of tons of food disappearing deep under the ground forever every single day.

The piles of meat that is cruelly factory farmed then discarded, the animals life dying for nothing but to be buried amongst toxic chemicals and plastics.

The fruit and vegetables that are thrown out fresh, simply for being the wrong shape or size. Entombed at the garbage tip, inevitably rotting into the anaerobic vapors of extinction; green house gas.  

The sealed container food that is dumped because the items are past the fantasy use-by-date. Good food trapped forever as plastic prisoners, far down in the soil. 

And the trash that is everywhere, never ending. Filling the oceans, the stomachs of turtles, whales and sea birds. Choking rivers, streams and making the urban landscape apocalyptic.

How do I cope looking into the gluttonous pit of entropy, eating everything in it’s mindless path?

I have faith.

To do what I do, faith is not an option.

Having a belief is critical.

Hope repels the darkness. Love fortifies the soul. Forgiveness allows me to breath.

Jesus and Animals 1


The soil is dead matter and yet from that dead matter springs life. This true phenomena is not unlike the resurrection of the god-man Jesus.

I believe in the truth of the Gospels, I believe in the Resurrection and that is how I can do what I do. From death comes life is as much part of Nature as it is at the center of Christianity.

The Old Testament is old and therefore irrelevant, Paul’s letters are from historical documents. Both writings complicate the issue of how to live in grace.

The only truth is in Mathew, Mark, Luke and John‘s  recordings of Christ’s life. 

The Gospels are written in such a way even children understand them, many kids are taught the parable’s of Jesus in Sunday school. The stories are filled with morals, such as charity, empathy and good will towards each other….. and yet we seem to forget or dilute Christ’s teaching as we grow older. We allow our hearts to grow hard and the church confuses the message (I suspect so the spiritual leaders can milk the congregation of money).  

There is a great deal in the Gospels that go against fundamental Western thinking.

We are supposed to give up all our wealth if we wish to find eternal life. Matthew 19:16-30

Is that not also an environmental mantra, namely reducing our footprint; to reduce our consumerism? To simplify our lives, to stop material addiction?Jesus and Animals 4

Does not the Gospel’s say we must bear fruit to be loved by God? John 15: 1-9.

Would that not indicate we need to love the soil and that fruit is deemed valuable? Does it not feed the poor and compost good for agriculture? It is a parable yes, but is it not also true that what Jesus is saying is we must live a surplus life?

We don’t live a life in abundance. We take and take and give very little to nothing. We think by living in a wealthy Western lifestyle we are in abundance, but what we are really doing is raping and pillaging the planet and hiding the facts of what we are up too from ourselves.

But the planet knows what we are up too. And if God is real, the Intelligent Designer sees everything.

Humans are in a gorging frenzy; like bacteria, we eat, breed, eat and breed until there is nothing left in the Petri dish. Then we experience a massive die off, an extinction of cataclysmic effect. That is what is going on right now, there is no surplus.  Is this what we are, sentient bacteria.

 I have not read any scripture where God says “Thou shalt crap on thy Creation.”

Jesus and Animals 2

The Gospels demand we live simple, loving lives; in harmony with other humans and with the other species on this planet. I am happy to debate with anyone the who claims otherwise.  

It is not up to humans to decide when the Earth turns to a red desert ( like Mars ), not up to us when extinction happens and when the harvest of souls ends. That is God’s decision alone.


The gates to Heaven are open to those who will care for Paradise.

There is no place for greedy chainsaw-wielding, trawler-fishing, ecological red-neck vandals beyond the Pearly Gates. 

People who want to return to the Eden without despoiling the Garden’s perfection admitted only.

So that’s my faith. 🙂

Edit: (Recently Pope Francis made a plea to the human race to treat animals and the environment with compassion.  This is very good news for the world! )


PS: A big thankyou to Animals Australia for the pictures.

Loxley Smithett





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