I wish I lived in Sydney. (….did I really say that?).

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Now I am on a garbage crusade, I have realized I may be able to make some pocket money out of this venture. Ching ching!!

Each bottle or can I collect are worth 10 cents when handed in to a recycling depot.

I could potentially make a few extra bucks from trying to save the planet. Which would certainly be helpful as a poor destitute student.

The problem is I will have to go all the way to New South Wales or South Australia to cash in my recyclable treasure.

Victoria doesn’t have a “reward for recycling” program in place. Nothing. The empty cans, plastic and glass bottle are worthless here. We put them in the yellow recycle bin or dump them illegally, that’s it.

I remember as a kid there was a recycle program called “Cash-A-Can” that would send us to hunt for soft drink cans wherever they lay hidden.

I was a master at crushing the cans into little round aluminum biscuits.

Once I had a few bags filled, I would nag my mother to drive to the recyclers; where the stash would be weighed and I would receive a wad of dollars. Sometimes as much as $10.

This may not seem like a lot of money, but for an 8 year old kid, this was as good as it gets!

Collecting cans was also great for socializing and healthy for the self-esteem. Adults were pleased to see an eager beaver trying to make money and clean the environment at the same time.

It was a good feeling.

But that’s all gone now. Why would a child pick up litter if there wasn’t an incentive to do it?

Have we really become so politically correct that we believe this is a form of child labor or tax dodging?

Seriously, this program needs to be brought back.

It’s been working in South Australia for years. New South Wales has just started as well. So why can’t it work here.

The Melbournians believe themselves to be superior to the South Australians, but in this case we are the barbarians.

Victoria, lets keep up!

And here is how:

The “reverse vending machine” allows the public to return empty containers and gain credits and vouchers for doing so.

Here is their website. I guarantee you it will inspire!