Oscar the Grouch.

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Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch 1

The picture above is of my wonderful Sunbeam 700watt blender, I fondly name “Oscar the Grouch”.Compost Bin 1

Oscar loves organic garbage. He will eat anything I throw into him. Bread, fruit, veg, meat, whatever I like. He is forever hungry and is never fussy about what I feed him.

Compost 2

I bought Oscar at a second hand store for $20 AUS (roughly $15 US). It was love at first sight. A big stainless steel blender with a solid heavy body and a super thick glass blending cup, so perfect for what I needed.

I had a worm farm a long time ago. And yeah they are great fun, but I don’t think they are very functional for the amount of waste a regular Western family churns out. While the worms are quite active in chomping through food scraps, a single worm farm quickly fills to capacity. Which means I would have to buy another worm farm, then another, just to keep up with what was getting thrown out.

After only a week my worm farm was full. And as they are reasonably expensive to buy I began throwing my organic garbage in the trash can again. Worm farms can also be messy and the worms won’t survive in regular soil if they are released (because they are a special breed of wormy worm).

Oscar the Grouch 2

Now Oscar (my glorious blender) can handle whatever food scraps I put into him. In seconds I whiz them up into a frothy thick slop, then I tip the goopy soup onto my garden.

Compost 4

The slop discolors after a day or two, the local birds pick at the chunky bits and the rest miraculously blends into the soil in around three days.  

This is much quicker than a worm farm, which can take weeks to break down even one apple core. 

Oscar can do it in seconds. And the final result is I don’t have any smelly compost and all the organic food is efficiently recycled back into mother natures basket.


Loxley Smithett