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1 hour for 1 day a Week = Real change

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"Rubbish. Doh!"
“Rubbish. Doh!”

Awhile back I posted about the extraordinary amounts of rubbish and indifference that was swamping my University in a sea of plastic, paper and unidentifiable trash.

I called the post “La Trash University.”


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It has been four weeks since that post and four more clean ups have come and gone.

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I have created a Facebook group namedClean Up Latrobe“, in the hope of attracting concerned students to take up the cause.

It is after all a matter of honor and pride to be able to say we have the cleanest, shiniest school of learning in the entire world. It is also a goal that would not be hard to achieve if people wanted it to happen.

In four weeks, we have given up only 4 hours of our time. One hour a week every Friday = 4 hours total.Clean Up Latrobe 123IMG_4748

In that time we have picked up a considerably large amount of trash, a total of 34 (trash can size) bags of garbage, plus other items, such as an ironing board, car pieces, toys, kitchen utensils and unopened alcoholic drinks.

I have struggled to promote the idea (it’s hard to do anything when students are away on holidays), but I am certain that will change once second semester starts. I hope to advertise the venture at Bring A Cup Cafe.

To be honest, when I first started this project I thought I would need a legion of people to clean up all the trash I saw around the place. I thought that the problem was overwhelming, too big, too much , too hard.

But I was wrong. The faithful student volunteer "AJ" and the woman who stopped her car and helped us, "Emily".

Even though I had managed to convince only one student volunteer to help for the four weeks (except when a passenger in a car stopped and helped, which was amazing), we have achieved so much.

The amount of rubbish a person can pick up in one hour, once a week does make a huge difference to the landscape.

The pathway from the tram stop to the campus is beautiful once more, only needing  a few minutes maintenance each week for the pieces of blown litter.

When we first started 4 weeks ago.
When we first started 4 weeks ago.


We are moving into other areas around the campus and achieving remarkable results.

One hour for one day a week, take a bag, garden gloves and your pet dog and go for a walk; and pick up every piece of trash on your way. One hour a week and you will see your community transform.

The difference is miraculous.


Loxley Smithett,