The Great Wall of Chicken Crimpy.

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 Chicken Crimpy 2

Monday Night I was bored and restless. I wanted to go outside and run down the backstreets of Melbourne, howling and cart-wheeling.

I think I am becoming addicted to dumpster diving. It sure beats television (well it would help if I owned one.)

Truly I could go out every night and bring home loads (and loads) of stuff; the greedy carrot-darkside of what I do, leading myself time (and time again) out into the night.

Even when I have enough already to last weeks, I feel I could always have a little more. A wonderful (very) cheap thrill indeed.

I mean there truly is so much discarded food out there; it is mind boggling really to think about what we are throwing away. A mountain of yummy edible food every day of the week, in every city across planet Earth.

In my travels I have only seen two other divers. Apart from these wild and wise characters, I am always alone, this is why I see no reason to leave food behind for others to take. I feel somehow if I leave what I can’t eat it, the food might end up in landfill and that makes me feel strangely guilty. It’s like I abandoned something in need of rescue.

Instead I share the surplus food with people I know. I explain to them my hobby before they chomp away, this is very important. People need to be aware of where the food they are offered was pilfered, they must make a choice whether or not to accept it.

Most people are positive though unsure and find the information hard to fathom. I see confusion, denial and a glazed eye withdrawal often. I don’t expect people to change their views about our gluttonous society instantly, the brain doesn’t work that way. People learn gradually and that is ok with me, I have all the time in the world.

Anyway philosophical nonsense aside;  this is what I found last night.

Some new items from a new store I haven’t explored before. Usually The Reject Shop have their bins locked tight, but Monday night there was so much product in this bin that the lid had a gap enough for my arm to slide in. So this is what I hauled outta there.

Chicken Crimpy 2Sesame Snax 1Reject Shop 2

  Ritz in a Biscuit Chicken 175 gms x 25 boxes, Snack Stacks Sesame Snax Original 175 gms x 36

Hero Jox Underwear (yes brand new!) x 20


Reject Shop 1 Reject Shop 4

 Ringgrip Heater (new, no box) x 1, Job Squad Microfibre Rag Bag 350 gms x 1, Socks (new, yey!)x 12 pairs.

Reject Shop 5Reject Shop 6

(new) Black Silver Ring Curtains x 2

Goodies 1

 Forester’s Natural Almonds 750 gms x1, K-time Twist Bars x 3, LCM Split Stix x 5, McVities Golden Wheat Biscuits 155 gms x 2, Pauly’s Lolly Space Adventures x 1, Indomie Mi Goreng 85mg x 3Reject Shop 3

Star Wars Compact Colour and Carry Coloring book! x 1 (Awesome!)

.Roti Flour 1 IMG_4648

Then I went to my regular super market haunt and picked up………

Annapurina Roti Flour 5kg x1, Roma Tomatoes Large x 4, Avocados x 5, Salad Mix 280 gms x 1.   

I haven’t revealed my sources in earlier posts. But as I am becoming a little greedy and are beginning to horde I will  reveal the best source for fresh food in Australia by far. It’s a karma thing I imagine…..

And the winner is:


:     Awarded for never locking their bins and throwing out heaps of perfectly good fresh food!  

Thus my first tip for new players. 😉

Please note: If you are thinking about Dumpster Diving for the first time, please click on this post heading below. This discusses an important safety issue in handling food safely.  

Preparing dumpster food. Mold and Mycotoxins.


Loxley Smithett


2 thoughts on “The Great Wall of Chicken Crimpy.

    Eleonora Gullone said:
    June 11, 2015 at 8:35 am

    Great article and great work. Must be satisfying to know you are stopping good products from going to waste.


    earthknight responded:
    June 11, 2015 at 8:47 am

    It is very satisfying. I really needed new underwear !


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