La Trash University.

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Latrobe Uni Trash Front View 2

So on Friday I decided to clean up just a tiny portion of my University.

The reason why I decided to pick up the litter is simple, it wasn’t getting picked up. Not in the three months I had been walking from the tram stop at Plenty Road and along the Kingsbury Drive track. The rubbish was accumulating and nobody seemed to care.

There is heavy foot traffic from the Tram Stop 86 to the University Campus. Hundreds of student walk the path every day. The students are obviously forgetful and clumsy, dropping food packaging all about the foot path. There is also a McDonald’s on the other side of the road, which doesn’t help the problem of clumsy silly students littering whatsoever.

So with the help of one brave soul (my lovely girlfriend) , a pair of garden gloves and a roll of garbage bags we set off on the exciting adventure.

For one hour we toiled, at the end we managed to fill up 13 garbage 56 litre bags.

Truly alarming.

The day later I registered the University with Clean Up Australia. Now the campus has a regular clean up day, every Friday from 10AM-11Am.

Perhaps you might think it is the responsibility of the University cleaners to pick up the rubbish? I personally don’t think so. There are bins all over campus, so the students who drop litter don’t really have an excuse. It’s just plain lazy and kinda disgusting. The cleaners are not our slaves and we are not Royalty. Latrobe Uni Trash 2

Oh this is the link:  Clean Up Latrobe, Facebook Group (if your a student please feel free to join.) and this is the Clean Up Site Coordinator page

And this is the link for Clean Up Australia. Its easy to join a garbage crusade from their website or start your own!


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One thought on “La Trash University.

    Cory said:
    June 26, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    In fact, every minute, sufficient power gets to the Planet to satisfy our needs for a whole year – so we could possibly harness it correctly.

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