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Skateboard and Ham Sandwich.

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Skateboard and Ham Sandwich

Another night of dumpster diving. 

As always I drag a heap of food home. The distance is quite a way and the bags do get heavy (as I always manage to fill them to the brim). I have had to go back an forth to the dumpster on foot twice even three times during the night. It is a great cross-training work-out believe me, just not very time efficient.

One night I was out and about and I spotted half a sports-pram sitting on the side of the road. It was as though Zeus had left a magic item to aid my quest. I ventured slowly toward the pram chassis, so as not to scare it away. At the critical moment I sprang, catching it and wrestling with the magnificent beast until she quietened, tamed.

Dumpster Pram

We ride together now to the dumpster, Pegasus the Pram and I. We can carry twice the amount of rescued food that I can alone……and she glides so nice.

Pegasus my dumpster companion, also loves to help with picking up litter. She really is a great little magic chariot. 🙂

So here is what we managed to rescue from the depths of landfill hell last night.

Dumpster Haul 19 6 15 3

Biscuits 250gm  x 1 , Muffins 150 gm x 8, Stir Fry Mix 400gms x 2, Kiwi Fruit 4.9 kg, Scotch Fillet 400 gm x1, Lettuce 600 gm x2, Altlantic Salmon 280 gm x 2, Aioli Jar 250 gm x 1, Passion Fruit 400 gm, Strawberry Jam 500 gm x 1, Muesli Bars 870 gm, Eggs .065 gm x17

Dumpster Haul 19 6 15 1

Pasta Salad 300 gm x2, Coous Cous 300 gm x 3, Table Grapes 1 kg x 2, Mozarella Cheese 500gm x 1, Cheese, Bocconcini Cheese 370 gm x 1,  Cherrie Punnets 325 gm x 4, Bananas 1.3 kg, Apples 1 kg, Bread rolls 600 gm x1, Roma Tomatoes 800 gms, Oranges 500 gm, Cauliflower 600 gm, Peach Jelly Cups 150 gm x 6, Beer Bottles 330 gm  x 4.

Dumpster Haul 19 6 15 5Dumpster Haul 19 6 15 4

And a few other non-edible items. Brand new clothes, surge protectors, 4 kg of Laundry Powder and well….a brand new skateboard. 🙂


Loxley Smithett