Dumpster Take-Away.

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Dumpster Aldi 1 26.5.15 Dumpster Aldi 2 26.5.15

On my way home from an errand in Melbourne I realized I was getting hungry and there was not really much in the cupboard at home. It was a cold night so I figured the discarded dumpster foods would be nice and fresh and ready to cook.

I stopped in Northcote, a place I hadn’t prospected before and did some back street fossicking.

The bin I struck gold was under a nice shiny light, so I was able to pick out what I wanted easily and quickly before moving back to the tram stop.

This is what I recovered.

1 sealed plastic packet of The Foodsmiths Slow Cooked Pulled Pork in Smokey BBQ sauce 500 gms. 39 Lodge Farm Extra Large Cage Eggs, 1 Litre of Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 bag of Broad Oak Plastic Sealed Chicken Thighs 2kg, 2 Crofton Marble Bench Top Savers, 6 new TB long sleeve Kids T-shirts, 1 new Flannelette.

Suffice to say I had a deliciously huge omelette for dinner and the smoked pork was completely safe and had a use by date valid for another two months. I had it for lunch the next day with rice.

Note: I am a vegetarian, but saving any sort of food from landfill is my exception to that rule. I would rather eat an animal that is discarded than to have it die needlessly. I understand opinions may differ and I have thought a lot about this myself. Just remember the meat I found would be in land fill now, mixed in with plastics and toxins. I would rather that meat return to the natural cycle of life.



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