At the foot of Mount Pringle

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Mount Pringle 2

Who owns 1kg of Pringles potato chips

Well I do, or did. I ate them all now.

A mountain of Pringles. Last nights dumpster was filled with the packets. This was a dumpster that was higher than I stand and it was filled to the top with Pringle packs.

In the photo is what I salvaged, I could not carry anymore on foot.

I don’t really get angry with the waste anymore. I cannot afford too. I would go mad and end up in a mental asylum.

But on this occasion I did lament my discovery.

The retailers slashed every packet of Pringles open before tipping them into the bin.


I imagine they did this so that the poor peasants would not take the packets and eat them. Such a horribly selfish act of barbarism, truly….


Every single pack slashed with a razor blade. How can someone just slash up food and put it in a dumpster, ready for an eternity in landfill?

Anyway I have hauled quite a lot of fresh food since my last post. Normally I would post for each time I go out, but I think I might just post once a week about my dumpster hauls, as it gets repetitive listing huge amounts of food over and over again.

So here are some pictures of the food (and other items) I hauled home in the last week.

29th of June 2015

29-6-2015 Dumpster Haul 1

Turkish Bread .400gms, Cheese Sticks .250gms. Silverside Roast, 1.6kg, Camembert Cheese Wheel .500gms, Ginger Sweets .200gms, Butter .250gms, Beef Stir Fry .510gms, Veal .580gms, Avocado .220gms, Curry Rice Meals .600gms, Potato Salad .750gms, Pasta Salad .750gms, Eggs (21) 1.36kg, Salami Sticks (48) .720gms, Potatoes 4kg, Pasta .500gms, Turkey Slices 1.6kgs, Herbs .030gms.

Mount Pringle 11-7-2015 Dumpster HAul Dumpster Pans 1-7-15 Dumpter Haul 2

1st of July 2015.

Pringles 1kg, Bananas 3.1 kg, Stir Fry Packets .8kg, Cabbage .8kg, Chicken .7kg, Cheese .5kg, Milk .6kg, Dips .15kg, White Bread 2.6kg, Sour Dough Bread .85kg, Berries 1kg, Celery 1kg, Pork Sausages .50kg Fruit Jelly Cups .400gms, Pear .350gms, Onion .300gms, Apples 1kg, Bread Rolls .500gms, Cherries .325gms, Potatoes 6kg, Eggs (21) 1.36kg.

Plus: A new pan set, scented candles and bubble bath packets.


 Big Haul 6-7-15

6th of July 2015.

Chocolate Mudcake   .600gms, English Muffins .400gms, Eggs (15)  .975 gms, Broccoli .300gms, Lettuce .800gms, White Bread .650 gms, Mandarins 1.75kgs, Egg Plant .600gms, Bakery Muffins 240 gms, Milk .500gms, Fruit Jelly Cups .400gms, Wine 750gms, Pikelets .900gms, Bananas 3.2kg, Pasta .300gms, Chicken 1.5 kg, Organic Bread 1.3 kg, Curry Snack Packs .8oogms, More Bread 1kg, Mixed Packet Veggies .300 gms, Flour 1kg, Onions .200 gms, Pears .250gms, Strawberries .250gms, Beef 2.05kg, Herbs .100gms, Bacon 1kg.

All up a good haul.


Loxley Smithett